are you ready for your dmv location inspection ???

DMV Location Inspection

The DMV will schedule an inspection of your dealership within 90 days of issuing your temporary license to ensure that the photo shoot matches the actual dealership.

The wholesale inspection is a verification of the photo shoot.

DMV Inspector Location Checklist

Retail and AutoBroker inspections require the dealer to show appropriate required forms.

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TriStar Retail Forms Starter Kit

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DMV Location Inspection Checklist

Not for Sale Stickers

Any retail dealer must make and separate all vehicles in inventory not deemed suitable for retail sale. This can most easily be done with a Retail Not for Sale Sticker. Vehicles in inventory which are not prepared and offered for sale face a potential fine of $ 16k from the FTC. ( Federal Trade Commission )

Our retail forms kit for $ 55. Contains the Not for Sale Sticker.

TriStar Retail Forms Starter Kit

Our forms supply is Jody Forster, 949-837-4088


During the process of reconditioning the vehicle dealer obtains a smog certification, a division 12 safety compliance check, a retail buyers guide and a NMVTIS vehicle history report.

The preparation process may reveal past history disclosures, required in writing, commonly made on a DMV statement of facts form REG256.

The smog certification paperwork is valid for two years and must be presented in the application package sent or presented to DMV. A smog certificate previously used to register a vehicle is invalid and a fresh smog must be obtained prior to offering the vehicle for sale.

The division 12 safety compliance check certifies the federal required minimum safety standard has been met and that all working safety items, including seat belts and airbags are present and functioning. The inspection may only be conducted by a BAR certified mechanic and not at the dealership unless the dealership is also BAR certified. This provision does not preclude a dealer from working and repairing their own vehicles. Only the inspection is required to be done by BAR certified mechanics.

The buyers guide must be presented to the buyer, the buyer signs and receives a copy and the signed original must be held in the dealers licensed location for a minimum of 4 years. The dealer folder which holds such documents is created for each retail sale and known as the “jacket”.

The NMVTIS vehicle history report sources a national government database and generates a report of up to 61 brands on a vehicle title. Such branding requires a DMV statement of facts REG256 disclosure and a red sticker on the vehicle prior to being offered for sale.

NMVTIS vehicle history reports are available at:

Forms disclosures and buyers guides are available from Jody Forster, 949-837-4088: